Stefaan Beeckaert

EXPO "Meeting in Bilzen"

Participation in "Meeting in Bilzen" at EXPOApostelhuis Alden Biesen, Bilzen. (09/02/2014-13/04/2014)

"Kaffee ATELIER"

Participation in “Kaffee ATELIER” for Existenz in Bacteriologisch Instituut at Leuven. (26/11/2013) of or

"Stripbeurs Sint-Truiden" (17-11-2013)

Presentation of the first chapter of the graphic novel “Meester Van De Klokken”. “Meester Van De Klokken” is a project in collaboration with scenarist Johan Veldeman.

EXPO "Nuchelen Nijvert"

Participation in "Nuchelen Nijvert" at Heppeneert, Maaseik. (05/06/07-07-2013)

EXPO "Kotroute in full colour"

Participation in "Kotroute in full color" at Hasselt in collaboration with Amuseevous, Cera & Z33. (29/11/2012)

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EXPO "No Movement"

Participation in “NO MOVEMENT” at CC MUZE Heusden-Zolder
in collaboration with arteVentuno - modern & contemporary art.
(01/09/2012 - 30/09/2012)


After a year my pencil and inspiration award to rest, I came to the following conclusion... The channel should flow to avoid the clogging.

Belgium Deathtrenches, 2010

Diksmuide, 13-06-2010

EXPO "Arnoevoo"

Participation in “Arnoevoo” in Bredene (20/12/2009 – 23/01/2010)

EXPO "Ridzjraides 2"

EXPO Ridzjraides 2
EXPO in February 2009 "TheoGallery" Antwerp

Pop-up Store "MUSCLECAR"


A project by Salvatore Russo and Stefaan Beeckaert for Ngin @ Nr5.

In order to promote the showroom at the Vismarkt nr5 Hasselt, Salvatore Russo, founder of Ngin visual studio in 2004, and Stefaan Beeckaert putted their heads together during the months November and December.

The result is a concept store in which photographs, graphic images on canvas, wallpaper, goodies and gadgets dominate the atmosphere.
The sense of the road, the smell of gasoline and the bling of chrome inspired them.
In the shop you can’t only by goodies or gadgets, but as a customer you can bring your own design and print it on t-shirt, canvas and stickers as well. Even a new design for your interior or shop can be ordered.

“the road invented high speed, so we accepted the invitation”

More info:
Projects > musclecar

EXPO Ridzjraides 1

Opening Sunday February 3e 2008; 16h30 @ CC MUZE


The tension between "Wonder" and "Expectation" is essential in the work and the creation process of Stefaan Beeckaert. This tension is also the world of the so-called "Ridgeriders" (Beeckaert writes it as "Ridzjraides"). People who reconciliate on the one hand the wonder as pure life source, and on the other hand, the expectation, as a life taker. The work presented, is a kind of Beeckaert Stefaan in CC Muze vision of the "life of the Ridzjraides". The Photos are testimonials of the raw, pure form of surprise, the inspiration, faith. The silkscreen prints on canvas; his notes, concerns and conclusions, attempts to the faith and the inspiration to personally handle. In many of the work is the wonder central, wonder as contact, driving force, virtue and spirituality…

Boudoir Bitch

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